Top Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms in 2020

Business Intelligence (BI) tools play integral role for businesses in order to achieve competitive edge. These tolls help in fulfilling multiple functions such as analysis of marketing campaigns, understanding consumer base, forecasting sales and marketing profits, and so on.

Moreover, BI tools help in creating customizable dashboards and data visualizations, data quality management, data mining, and perform key performance indicators. In short, BI tools act as a magical hat from which multiple rabbits can be taken out for businesses 😀

Top Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms in 2020
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    So, continuing further, in today’s blog we will discuss top BI tools in 2020. 

    Sr. No.BI Platform
    2Qlik Sense
    3Salesforce Einstein Analytics
    4SAS Analytics Software
    5Microsoft Power BI
    6SAP Analytics Cloud
    7IBM Cognos Analytics


    Tableau is one the leading BI platforms or tolls which help businesses or individuals in visualizing and understanding their data. Tableau is considered as one of the most preferable tools as it provides the facility to connect to any database and create detailed data visualizations in a shorter time span.

    In addition, it enables the user to format, clean, and prepare their data and then design the visualizations which can be used by businesses to obtain actionable insights.

    Tableau offers different products including Public, Desktop, Server, Reader, and Online in which Public version is free to use. While, for businesses and teams, the tableau creator is available for USD 70 per month. Also, Tableau offers 14-day trial version followed by the paid version.

    Qlik Sense

    Qlik Sense is a famous BI platform which allows business decision makers in finding out unique business insights by using any BI use cases. This also help organizations in turning into a data driven entity by providing artificial intelligence system and data analytics services on a cloud architecture.

    In spite of size, the corporate employees are able to load and visualize their data on this platform very efficiently. Qlik Sense provides several types of tables, charts, and other visualizations in which all are interactive and able to update themselves automatically based on the context.

    In addition, Qlik Sense offers the facility to create data analytics with the help of simple drag and drop. Businesses and teams can access business version of this tool for USD 30 per month whereas enterprise version is for USD 70 per month.

    Salesforce Einstein Analytics

    Salesforce Einstein analytics is a kind of BI suite that is designed to provide flexible platform for businesses in making better decisions in future by sharing their data insights with employees. This platform helps organizations in transforming their data into insightful information and creating a scalable platform by implementing artificial intelligence.

    The end-user can this tool to analyze the data and then utilize it in visualization in order to optimize business efficiency, highlight unique opportunities, and access the risk in new ventures. Also, it provides top-notch security and analytics for free for local as well as cloud data centers. It provides a free trial version so business can decide on the price later based on their requirements and industry.

    SAS Analytics Software

    SAS Analytics software was introduced by SAS institute as a BI platform in order to manage data visualization and data analytics. The SAS Analytics Software is an optimal platform for a business forecaster, data scientist, statistician, or a business analyst.

    It helps them in in-depth and detailed study of business and obtain useful insights. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly and easy to use interface which can be even used by non-tech people. Moreover, SAS provides solutions on customer intelligence, artificial intelligence, risk management, IoT analytics, and advanced analytics.

    SAS offers facility of free trails for their services so that business can analyze the capabilities of the platform and then obtain a price quotation or demo after submission of online form.

    Microsoft Power BI

    Microsoft Power BI is used to create a data driven model in modern business. The tool provides different self service analytics which help the businesses in collecting, analyzing, sharing, and managing their databases efficiently.

    Microsoft Power BI offers a variety of data visualizations integrated with advanced data protection services. Also, it can be connected with several cloud data sources including Salesforce, Azure SQL databases, Dynamics 365, Excel, and so on.

    Enterprises can also use this tool along with other Microsoft products or suits such as Office or Azure which help them in optimizing maximum productivity. There are several versions available in Microsoft Power BI such as Embedded, Desktop, Mobile, Premium, and Pro.

    SAP Analytics Cloud

    SAP Analytics cloud uses data analytics and business intelligence capabilities in order to enable enterprises in managing and analyzing their data and create visualization which will help them in obtaining actionable business insights.

    Also, the tool helps business in keeping track of their KPIs in real time which provides a clearer picture of their capabilities. Moreover, SAS analytics Clouds allows businesses to understand their data and get an idea regarding possible errors and help them in creating enhanced visualization by providing smart transformations to their datasets.

    The tool in designed to employ with business models of various sectors such as human resources, marketing, operations, sales, and finance in different industries including consumer products, utilities, and baking. A free trial version is available valid for 90 days after that it costs around US$ 22 per month for basic package.

    IBM Cognos Analytics

    IBM Cognos Analytics is an advanced BI tool based in AI platform which supports all facets of data analytics such as visualization, data discovery, cleaning, visualization, and management. Enterprises can analyze as well as visualize their data and share remarkable insights with decision makers which will help them in improving their offerings.

    This tool is designed to be used in different business divisions including operations, sales, and marketing which enable organization in adapting changing requirements of market effectively. The tool is compatible with various data sources such as on-premise databases, spreadsheets, CSV files, and cloud.

    Also, a user is able to share their data with multiple users connected over cloud and share visualizations over Slack or email. IBM offers 30 days free trial for IBM Cognos Analytics followed by a basic plan worth US$ 15 per month. Enterprise plan is also available.

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