Interview Do’s and Don’ts

A job interview provides the opportunity to show your potential to the employer how your contribution can make an impact to the company. In today’s blog we would be discussing the interview do’s and don’ts. For preparing the interview think of it as simple as your daily work or as critical as an audition as this is the way the employer thinks often. Also, you should also interview the interviewer too which will help you in deciding whether the company or the job is best fit for you or not. Some of the crucial do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind at the time of interview.

Job Interview

List of Do’s in an Interview

We shall start with the do’s. Try to gather all the important and necessary information when you have any interview scheduled. While accepting the interview invitation make sure you know the company name and its background and request details of the interview panel. Also, visit their profile on LinkedIn. It will build some confidence in you as the interview will not be complete stranger to you. Also, showing some knowledge about the interviewer background might create a great impact on the panel.

  • Do your Homework

Before going for an interview, doing roper homework is the best practice. The homework includes prepare for answers, research about the company and the services they provide. Without preparation, it becomes difficult to answer even simpler questions such as “why do you want to join our company” Also, you should prepare for most common asked questions for the position you are applying for. Although, it’s difficult to guess exact questions you will get, but it’s better to do your part of study.

  • Show Enthusiasm

The interviewer should feel that you are genuinely exited to work with the company. Remaining confident and energetic throughout the interview make a great impact on your potential employer. Also, you should outline your achievements in front of the interviewer whatever is relevant to the job position and the company you are applying for.

  • Elaborate Your Answers

You should always explain your answers and provide some insightful answers. A simple yes or no never satisfies the interviewer. If you are unable to justify your answers you have zero chance to get hired.

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  • Follow Etiquette’s

The interviewer never accepts lame excuses such as getting stuck in traffic. Arriving early is always better. Always carry extra copy of your CV. Always be polite not only to the interviewer but with the other staffs as well. Greet everyone with a hello and a gentle smile. Offer a firm handshake and make eye-contact increase your chances of success. Don’ts sit until the interviewer offers you a chair. Bind up your interview with a thank you and smile.

  • Ask Questions

You should make a list of questions so that when the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, you can go through it. This shows you interest and seriousness for the job as you have spent enough time in researching before appearing at the interview.

  • Follow Up

Follow ups show your interest to the interviewer. You can take follow up via phone or email after 7-10 days of interview regarding any update for your candidature.

List of Don’ts in an Interview

  • Do not Research About the Company Background

The applicants must visit the company website and get an idea regarding the company background, product, and services before going for interview. Being clueless about the company shows that you did not do your homework for the interview. It annoys the interviewer and could affect your result in a negative manner. Hence, one should do proper research about their potential employer before going for an interview.

  • Forget to Turn off Your Cell Phone

Turning off your cell phone is one of the basic etiquette during an interview.  If your phone rings it creates a bad impression on your interviewer. Also, it distracts you from the interview for a while. This shows your unprofessional and wrong attitude which could lead to rejection.

  • Being Late

Being late in interview and giving excuses like heavy traffic or wrong google navigation shows lack of your professionalism. An interviewer might feel that if you cannot make it for the first meeting, how will you show up on time once you are hired. The interviewer loses confidence in you. It could result in a polite rejection after interview.   Therefore, you should always plan your trip accordingly and give yourself a 10-minute cushion so that you would be able to make it even in case of any unwanted difficulties in reaching to destination.

  • Inappropriate Dressing & Poor Body Language

It takes 30 seconds to make the first impression and outfit etiquette plays an important role in this. Improper dressing, casual approach like wearing sunglasses on top of your head, and bad grooming turns off the interview panel rather the company doesn’t have a formal dress code.  Though, smart casuals are in trend, still a formal outfit is the best suited attire for an interview.  Unfriendly body language, poor eye contact, and poor hygiene could be the potential factors for eliminating the candidate.

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  • Talk too Soon About Package

The interviewer should not feel that you want to join them just for money. You should show other factors like your skills, interest, and enthusiasm. Also, list of your accomplishments and ideas which would help the company to grow. This will make the interviewer more likely to consider for the position you are applying for.  This is not recommended to discuss money or holidays, and other perks until they through you an offer.

Hence, before going for your interview you should keep in mind that you have only one chance to create a great impression on your potential employer. Hope you like out post. Let me know your feedback in comment box:)

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