Best Python Framework for Web Application in 2020

Since last few decades Python is gaining momentum and expected to maintain its upward growth in coming years. The language is even anticipated to overtake C# and Java which can clearly indicate its large adoption.

A number of leading tech giants are preferring Python frameworks over its counterparts. Some of the companies using Python framework for web development includes Instagram, Netflix, Google, and so on.

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    According to TIOBE index Python holds third place among most used languages in globally. As per Popularity of Programming Language Index, since last five years Python registered over 19.0 % growth. Python frameworks are bifurcated into two models i.e. Non-Full Stack Framework and Full Stack Framework.

    Full Stack Framework is preferred by developers as it provides full support ranging from basic components such as form generators to template layouts, and form validation.

    The developers choose its robust framework collection to deal with the delicacies of execution as it does not accompany the built-in features required to fasten custom web application development.

    Python framework offer ready-made components which gives the facility to avoid writing similar code repeatedly. This results in reduced time and money and also reduces time-to-market.

    Additionally, these frameworks offer several advantages such as easy-to-learn and read, powerfully composed, object-oriented, improved reliability and efficiency which makes it the most preferable framework these days.

    Best Python Framework for Web Application in 2020

    Some of the popular frameworks are listed below, which a developer can deploy which will help them in achieving enhanced website performance and time-to-market.


    Django is an open-source i.e. free to use Python Framework helps developers to develop apps and complex code quickly. The framework is considered as one of the best frameworks used for quick development of quality web applications and APIs.

    This is among the most seasoned Python frameworks used for web development. There are more than 12,000 projects registered which have been developed using this framework.

    The framework provides different vigorous features while streamlining the web application development. Some of the significant features include reusability of components, colossal assortment of libraries, less need for coding, and underscores effectiveness. 


    Since last 10 years, CherryPy has proved to be exceptionally stable and quick. The framework is an open-source Python web development framework and has an inbuilt multi-hung server. The framework can be executed on any framework that supports Python.

    A moderate web framework enables the end-user to utilize any sort of technology for templating, data access, and so on. Truly, it can do all that a web framework is prepared to do, for instance, dealing with treats, sessions, static, record transfers, and so forth.

    CherryPy empowers developers to create web applications correspondingly they would build up some other object-oriented Python program. This outcome in the development of more modest source code in less time.


    Pyramid’s fame is continuously developing. These freameworks run on Python 3. This structure is adaptable and permits clients to create fundamental web applications by means of a moderate methodology. Pyramid frameworks are flexible and can be utilized for both simple and troublesome tasks.

    It is the most esteemed web structure among experienced Python engineers by uprightness of its straightforwardness and estimated quality. It has been utilized by tech monsters like Mozilla, Yelp, Dropbox, and SurveyMonkey.


    Grok framework is a web framework dependent on the Zope toolbox technology. It gives an agile advancement experience to engineers by focusing on two general standards – show over setup and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It is an open-source structure, created to accelerate the application advancement measure.

    Engineers can browse a wide extent of organization and free libraries as demonstrated by the assignment needs. Grok’s (UI) resembles other full-stack Python structures, for example, Pylons and TurboGears.


    TurboGears is an information driven full-stack web application Python framework. It is intended to conquer the insufficiencies of different broadly utilized web and versatile application development frameworks.

    It enables programming designers to start creating web applications with an insignificant setup. TurboGears empowers web designers to smooth out Python site improvement using assorted JavaScript advancement apparatuses.

    You can create web applications with the assistance of components, for example, SQLAlchemy, Repoze, WebOb, and Genshi, a lot quicker than other existing structures. It upholds various information bases and web servers like Pylons.

    The structure seeks after a MVC (Model-View-Controller) plan and incorporates vigorous formats, a staggering Object Relational Mapper (ORM) and Ajax for the server and program. Organizations utilizing TurboGears include Bisque, ShowMeDo, and SourceForge.


    Web2py goes with a code editor, debugger, as well as a deployment tool to empower you to construct and as well as a deployment tool the code, just as test and keep up web applications.

    It’s a cross-platform framework that supports Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, Google App Engine, and distinctive different stages. The framework streamlines Python application development method through a web server, SQL database, and an online interface.

    It empowers customers to fabricate, overhaul, send, and oversee web applications through internet browsers. The critical part of Web2py is a tagging system, which gives a ticket when a slip-up happens. This urges the customer to follow the mix-up and its status. Likewise, it has in-fabricated parts to oversee HTTP demands, responses, sessions, and cookies.


    Flask is a Python framework open under the BSD license, which is enlivened by the Sinatra Ruby framework. Flask depends upon the Werkzeug WSGI tool kit and Jinja2 layout.

    The principle intention is to help build up a solid web application base. Engineers can build up the Python backend structure any way they need, however, it was intended for applications that are open-ended.

    Flask has been utilized by enormous organizations, which incorporate LinkedIn and Pinterest. Contrasted with Django, Flask is most appropriate for little and simple ventures.

    In this way, you can expect a web server development, uphold for Google App Engine just as in-fabricated unit testing.


    Bottle is a standout amongst other Python web frameworks, which falls under the class of little scope frameworks. Initially, it was produced for building web APIs. Additionally, Bottle attempts to execute everything in a solitary source document.

    It has no different conditions than Python Standard Library. The out-of-the-crate functionalities incorporate templating, utilities, coordinating, and some key deliberation over the WSGI standard.

    Like Flask, you will code altogether nearer to the metal than with a full-stack system. Bottle empowers developers to work nearer to the hardware. It fabricates shortsighted individual use applications as well as an adept spot for learning Python frameworks and prototyping. For instance, Bottle has been utilized by Netflix for its web interfaces.


    Tornado is a Python web framework and unique structure library. It uses a non-impeding structure I/O and unwinds the C10k issue (which implies that, at whatever point designed appropriately, it can manage 10,000+ concurrent associations). This makes it an unprecedented device for building applications that require unrivaled and countless synchronous customers.


    BlueBream is likewise an open-source web application framework, server, and library for site engineers. It was created by the Zope group and was some time ago known as Zope 3. This structure is most appropriate for both medium and considerable exercises distributed into different re-usable and appropriate fragments.

    BlueBream depends upon Zoop Toolkit (ZTK). It holds broad times of involvement guaranteeing that it meets the fundamental basis for relentless, enduring, and versatile programming.


    Quixote framework is for composing Web-based applications with Python. Its goals are flexibility and better execution, in a particular request. Quixote applications are created in the conventional innovation.

    Subsequently, if a Python engineer is quick to attempt or gain proficiency with the ‘real programming language’, at that point Quixote is for them. The rationale for designing pages contains Python classes and capacities.

    There are three critical renditions of Quixote. Adaptations 1 and 2 looks like one another yet are very extraordinary. needs 1 is not, at this point maintained effectively. Variant 3 needs Python 3, as Quixote 2. needs 2 and 3 are successfully kept up and are utilized by different public destinations.

    Bottom Line

    Despite the fact that there are numerous python web development frameworks that are well known and popular in the coming years yet vary in its own advantages and disadvantages. Each Python designer has diverse coding styles and inclinations.

    They will assess each system according to the prerequisites of an individual undertaking. Consequently, the decision relies exceptionally upon the python web designers and the job needing to be done.

    The above mentioned free and open-source Python frameworks list for 2020, can be broadly utilized as a full-stack back-end web application development. Which one are you picking for your next task? Or then again, which are your number one framework in Python? Do tell us in the comments area given beneath.

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