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Hey there!

Welcome to explore end2end. This is my first blog post. In this post I would give a brief introduction about myself. So, my name is Varsha Kumari, 26 years old full of dreams, ambition, and cheerfulness. I belong to a middle-class family, residing in Bihar.

Author of Explore End2End

By profession, I am a strategic consultant and content writer. I worked with a consulting firm based out of Pune for almost 3 years. I left my job in December 2019 to start something my own. I used to write content for several marketing and media companies to earn my bread and butter.

What Encouraged Me to Start Blogging

When I completed my masters with MBA, I had no idea where to start with. Somehow, I started working with a private company. I was very happy when I received my first offer letter, though the salary I got was not good enough to survive in a city like Pune. Still, I managed somehow. The reason behind my happiness was the struggle (I shall speak about this in details in some other post 😊) I went through in job search. As the time passed, I started feeling it’s not me. I lost myself and my hobbies which used to nourish me with happiness in this 9-5 job.

I like writing since my school days. I used to participate in writing competitions. Tough, I am not a very good writer, but I like to express myself n form of writing. In my college days, I participated in a writing competition conducted by Dainik Jagran. There was nothing to do with my degree as I was doing BCA i.e. Bachelor of Computer Application. It was just a matter of my interest. My article got selected and I also got rewarded as Champion of Change. I received the award from Mr. Sushil Kumar Modi and it was a proud moment for me 😊.

I could not continue my writing journey later. But I just took a pause and now decided to resume it in my blog and pursue with my hidden talent 😉. I will try to be consistent and keep you guys updated with some quality and valuable insights.

What is Explore End2End going to be about

In this blog I have planned to post about the emerging technologies. What are the trends promoting the growth of any industry and connecting the world. As the time passes, I will keep adding sections as per our audience interests.

I hope this journey lasts long and be an integral part of my life. I want your support and I am looking forward to it. If you like my post then show your love and support by liking, commenting, and sharing!!

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